Brush-On TIP

8g AIRRE Nail Glue

The 'Goldilocks' of all brush glues. The AIRRE 8g brush tip applicator is not too big, not too small, but just right to apply glue to those edges cleanly so that your nails are fully glued and don't 'ping' off. This super strong nail glue is an essential for a lasting manicure.

Precision Tip

3g AIRRE Nail Glue

AIRRE precision tip 3g applicator is the go to for those who love the dropper nozzle. Simply place a drop of the super strong nail glue onto the false nail and spread it to the edges with the precision nozzle tip. For a look that lasts!

500 AIRRE Pro Nail Tips (Natural)

Just the Tip... That's what she said!
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► PRO SALON NAILS ◄ AIRRE 500pcs Nail Tips + 4 Files are designed for acrylic manicures and used by Salon Nail Technicians, MUA's and Home DIY artists, they're even great for DIY beginners. Create a manicure that lasts with these sturdy, high-quality and light-weight nail tips. Made from professional Active ABS plastic to a perfect thickness for your manicured nails. Easily lasting 2-3 weeks with the correct application.

► CUT, FILE & SHAPE ◄ Once you have applied your tips, style it your way! Simply use false nail clippers to cut to your extensions to the desired length and shape (short, medium or long), apply your acrylic/builder gels to finish the nail form and secure your shape, and then perfect with a file. COFFIN/BALLERINA | OVAL | STILETTO | SQUARE/FRENCH | ALMOND | SQUOVAL

► USE ◄ Nail Glue, Acrylic, Gel Builder, UV/LED Gel Polish, Nail Polish & Nail Art - (Pro Nail Techs, Salons, MUA's, Home Use - including Beginners).

► MULTI-SIZE NAILS ◄ Ultimate Size Selection. This 500pcs AIRRE Nails Box comes with 10 nail sizes (50 of each). Starting at the biggest nail 0, they then taper down in width and length to size 9 allowing the perfect fit and style for all finger-nails and thumbs. Designed to suit small, medium and larger hands/fingers.

► ACTIVE FIT ◄ Comfort is KEY! AIRRE Active-Fit nails have a slight flexibility to adapt to your natural nail shape. This allows you to easily stick them on without pressing too hard and forcing them on which would cause them to be uncomfortable and pressured. They're so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them!

► PURCHASE INCLUDES ◄ 500 AIRRE Natural Opaque False Nail Tips (half-well/half-cover), 4 AIRRE 100/180 Nail Prep Files with Box/Case







more coming soon...


We are currently manufacturing up some more things for you amazing lot; including Full Cover natural Oval, the classic French Square, Ballerina/Coffin and more!

Ohhh and we have some pretty sweet other products under wraps too! Stay tuned! They're HOTTT!

Reviews: What you awesome lot say


This glue is very strong. Highly recommended.


Love this glue, great bottle with super slim applicator that allowed precision


Great value for money. Very satisfied with my purchase