200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes - AIRRE NAILS
200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes - AIRRE NAILS
200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes - AIRRE NAILS
200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes - AIRRE NAILS
200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes - AIRRE NAILS

200 Prep & Shine Nail Wipes

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200 Professional Alcohol Prep & Shine Nail Wipes (3in1) Alcohol Wipes for Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Press-On Nails & Tips. Removes Sticky Gel Layer Residue, Preps UV/LED Gel Polish & False Nails AIRRE

šŸ’– ā–ŗ BULK PACK 3in1 SALON QUALITY WIPES ā—„ 200x of the best Prep & Shine Alcohol Nail Wipes by AIRRE NAILS. Ultimate results every time! AIRRE pre-soaked Prep & Shine wipes are made with high a strength formula to quickly and flawlessly cleanse, sanitise, prepare your nails for gel applications and or false nails. Then use to finish off your tacky residue layer and bring out the gel shine! The best nail cleaner for Salons and Home use.

šŸ’– ā–ŗ FALSE NAIL PREP ā—„ An ESSENTIAL step for multiple reasons. AIRRE prep wipes contain a high strength formula to cleanse your nails from invisible bacteria and fungi before applying your adhesive for false nails or acrylic nails, which otherwise would trap these in. Cleansing is also essential to remove any natural oils and create a perfect base for nail glue/adhesives to adhere to for a lasting ping-free stick. They're great to use before applying press-on nails with sticky tabs too.

šŸ’– ā–ŗ UV/LED GEL POLISH & VARNISH PREP ā—„ Create the perfect base! Use AIRRE prep wipes to cleanse away any residue on your natural nails or false nails. This prepares your nails for the base coat/colour coats so that your polish adheres for a lasting chip free manicure/pedicure. Use with all UV/LED applications.

šŸ’– ā–ŗ HIGH SHINE - REMOVES TACKY LAYER ā—„ Use AIRRE Prep & Shine wipes when you have finished your gel application to remove the gel tacky residue layer which is left from your top coat to bring out the smooth glossy shine!

šŸ’– ā–ŗ ANTI-BACTERIAL & STERILE ā—„ AIRRE Prep & Shine Nail Wipes are made with 70% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) which cleanses your nails from natural oils and residue, but most importantly fights against bacteria and fungi. Our 70% IPA / 30% Sterile Water formula is the perfect ratio to cleanse your nails without the IPA evaporating too quickly whilst preparing your nails. Use on finger-nails or toe-nails.

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This glue is very strong. Highly recommended.


Love this glue, great bottle with super slim applicator that allowed precision


Great value for money. Very satisfied with my purchase


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